Journeys To Belonging 

Ilene Winokur AlZaid, Ed.D.
Journeys to Belonging is a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Ilene Winokur. Join Ilene and her guests as they share their experiences with feeling like they belong and offer advice about how to create a sense of belonging within ourselves and in our classrooms.

Ep. 1.         Ilene Winokur-Introduction to Journeys to Belonging

Ep. 2.        Melisa Hayes

Ep. 3.        Noa Daniel

Ep. 4.        Elizabeth Merce

Ep. 5.        Francesca Arturi

Ep. 6.        Malinda Hurt

Ep. 7.        Barbara Bray

Ep. 8.        Sarah Thomas

Ep. 9.        Dana Shuhaiber

Ep. 10.     Jennifer Casa-Todd

Ep. 11.     Nejoud Al Yagout

Ep. 12.     Scott Nunes

Ep. 13.     Carol Salva

Ep. 14.    Tamara Letter

Ep. 15.     Ilene Winokur 

Ep. 16.     Dene Gainey

Ep. 17.     Hedreich Nichols

Ep. 18.     Ilene Winokur

Ep. 19.     Rola Tbshirani

Ep. 20.     Dr. Denise Furlong

Ep. 21.     Tim Needles 

Ep. 22.     Justin Nolan

Ep. 23.     Anna Marie Savino

Ep. 24.     Evan Whitehead

Ep. 25.     Janique Caseley

Ep. 26.     Victoria Thompson

Ep. 27.     Carrie Baughcum